Monday, November 12, 2012

Enhance Your Job Description

Finding the perfect recruit is like searching for a needle in the proverbial haystack, sifting through hundreds or thousands of identical resumes searching for the one that matches their needs beyond anything else out there is truly a mammoth task. Getting the job applications rolling is a cake walk compared to attracting the right type of talent. Applicants are, after all, on the same boat: going through hundreds of job postings a day to find the perfect fit, exhausting their very essence.
How can you make your job listings stand out in order to attract great candidates? Here are some useful tips on how to begin:
Start with the title:
How many thousands of job postings does one see with generic titles like “administrative assistant,” “office manager,” and “clerk?” Too many! Try sprucing up the title to add a little punch to the whole thing and also share more information at a single glance. Instead of “audit manager” why not try something fresh like “Electronic Data Processing Audit Manager – Min 5 years' Experience in Finance.” At a glance hunters will get all the info they need.
Skill based profile:
To help job-seekers determine if they're qualified enough to warrant consideration, use bullet points or numbered lists to break your content into specific educational, technical and experience type of qualifications. If it is totally necessary for a candidate to hold a B.A. In political science then make this abundantly clear in your description. You'll attract the right talent if you're explicit in the job details.
Be Vigilant of the competition:
Remember there are countless other companies all gunning for the same talent your so desperately seeking, they're your competitors and not keeping an eye on them might lead to surprises down the line. Many job posting sites feature listings from across the globe, pay attention to competitors where ever they maybe as one day they could poach your supply.
Inspect your postings and compare them to the competition, judge if they truly measure up. If your job descriptions aren’t up to the mark you're in for a lot of editing.
Try the text alternative:
Many companies are turning away from the traditional text based job posts and are migrating to the video format to recruit, this is a wonderful way to set yourself apart from the competition to the eyes of prospective candidates. Information about company: Its products, clients, goals, benefits to employees, anything that will set yourself apart from the competition, remember you want to attract the best, and the best take all these things into account. Include information on salaries, health care, vacations, anything in you arsenal, really!
Response and feedback:
This goes with out saying, but a lot of firms do not respond to received resumes unless the candidate is advanced to the next round of the selection process. Sending a quick response shows respect and humanity, this could be key for rejected candidates to maintain a positive image of your company and its products.
Optimizing your resume is a process not a one time thing, so make sure u maintain these standards because they are sure to pay off in the long run.