Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Why #Recruiters prefer Passive Candidates

Here are a few reasons why employers still search high and low for passive candidates:
  1. These candidates might be working for a competitor. Stealing them will give an edge, in terms of procuring inside info, and weakening their workforce.
  2. Candidates who still have their job are deemed more worthy, because their employers might have considered them too valuable to offload, even in tough economic times.
  3. Passive candidates are not too eager, and will not misrepresent themselves in the resume or during an interview.
  4. As they are still working in an organization, they will possibly have more quality professional contacts.
  5. A candidate stolen from a competitor can attract other former colleagues to the new organization through referrals and recommendations.
  6. They tend to be more financially stable, and have better credit records, than the the long-term unemployed.
  7. Those who are still working at expected to be better updated on current trends and skills, compared to those who have rusted over in months of unemployment.
  8. Passive candidates are far less likely to have any skeletons in the closet, while an unemployed person might have been terminated for a cause.
  9. Finally, passive candidates will only take up a new position if they are passionate about the new job; an active candidate on the other hand might jump at any opportunity.