Thursday, May 28, 2015

InBooster - A Chrome Extension for LinkedIn #sourcingtool

InBooster - A Google Chrome Extension has three features.  

First, when viewing someone’s profile in LinkedIn, if they have 500+ connections, you can't see the exact number. InBooster automatically demistifies the “500+” and shows you the exact LinkedIn Connection count for any LinkedIn profile - not just the first connection. To see the actual connections, you will now have to scroll down to that specific area on their profile. 

Next, you have the Profile View History. Clicking on the orange ‘bo’ button from the top of your browser, you can see all the recent profiles you have viewed within LinkedIn. It will be very helpful if you have been viewing possible candidate profiles and can’t quite remember (Works with LinkedIn Free Account) 

The last item is the ability to bookmark stories and news articles while in LinkedIn. If you don’t have time to read them, click the button for later reading. Clicking on the Bookmarked Stories from the ‘bo’ button at the top of Google Chrome lets you find these stories to read at your leisure. 

Now, you can add Inbooster with the help of this link :

Happy Sourcing !!!