Tuesday, March 21, 2017

How to source from Kaggle !!

So, What is Kaggle :

Kaggle is a platform that hosts data science and machine learning competitions. It has about half a million data scientists on its platform. Their competitors are DrivenData, TopCoder and HackerRank. With so much of competition, they have managed to stay ahead of the game because their focus is on the specific niche such as data science and machine learning.  It was founded in 2010 by Anthony Goldbloom and Ben Hamner

On 8 March 2017, Google announced that they were acquiring Kaggle. They will join the Google Cloud team. 

Now, lets see how to source from Kaggle :

1. Search by Data Science Keywords : 

site:kaggle.com/users* ("machine learning" OR "Data Analysis" OR "Data Mining" OR "statistical modeling" OR "Analytics")

2. Search by Bigdata Keywords : 

site:kaggle.com/users ("Hadoop" OR Big data" OR "Bigdata" OR "Hive" OR"Pig")

3. Search by Country (Specific )

This would pull out the 

site:kaggle.com/users/* India data   (users based out of India in Kaggle) 

site:kaggle.com/users/* Singapore data  (users based out of Singapore in Kaggle)

site:kaggle.com/users/* "United States" data  (users based out of Singapore in Kaggle)

Once you see the them, you can do cross reference on LinkedIn

Happy Sourcing !!


Friday, October 28, 2016

100,000 views. Thank You!

Dear Readers
This is Sathish from Recruiter's Today. Earlier, crossed a small milestone of completing 100 blog postNow, this blog has just crossed 100,000 views and it thank to all you wonderful readers across the world. Thank you India, Russia, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Germany – top six countries with maximum number of my readers. I’m extremely excited to have reached this major milestone. Your engagement with blog is extremely motivating and humbling whether it could a simple like, share, tweet, retweet, private messages via LinkedIn / Facebook messenger. 

Pageviews by Countries 

Thank you so much for giving  Recruiter's Today 100,000 views !! 

Yours truly,
Sathish Ganesh

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Twitter tools for daily usage

In my earlier post, I wrote about  the Best Practices to be followed on Twitter. This post, I have listed few Twitter tools which may help you to standout out of the crowd. These tools can be used with any number you have.

Bitly : 

This is the one of coolest URL Uhortener  (Trimmer) services which provide the statistics for the each link. This service is free of cost and also you can customize the links. You can access https://bitly.com here 

Buffer : 

Buffer is simply one of the best Twitter tools out there for users. It's a Social media Management tool which would help you to fill a queue of tweets and schedule them (to the best performing time of the day). Distributed tweets throughout the day tend to convert better. 

Hootsuite :

Hootsuite is the most popular of the Social Media Management tool.  It will help you manage multiple social networks from one web-based dashboard, manage social media and track the conversations. It also offers the feasibility to schedule your post on all platform

Pablo :

It's a free and easy tool which is build by Buffer. One of the my favourite tools. It helps you quickly share an image with awesome backgrounds. You can add the texts and also, you can customize your logo, too. Click here to use Pablo


It will help you to publish feed updates to sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook. It's a Social Media Content distrubution service and it's completely free. You can save a lot of time promoting on social media.

Klout : 

Klout is famous social media analytics tool and it keep tracks of your influence online. It will track of all your social media accounts and ranks users based on their authority. 

Riffle : 

Once you registered as a user, Riffle will show you the account summary (Social Media accounts that are associates with that user, his top mentions, number of Tweets, retweets and devices in use, etc) 


RiteTag service will help you find out most popular hastagas. It will allow you to see the tag's reach and popularity. Besides, the service will automatically suggest most popular thematic tags.


Tweetdeck is a multi-platform twitter tool for more flexibility. It split your stream into segmented columns to stay engaged with what’s important. It allows you to create columns easily and filter conversations around specific users, hashtags. 

Twitter analytics

Twitter analytics is free and open to anyone who uses Twitter.  It gives you a detailed overview of all your activity in the past 28 days - Number of profile visits, Your audiences, your top tweets, top mentions, and top followers. Visit analytics.twitter.com.

Did I miss any of your favorites you think should be included on this list ? Feel free to comment below or, you can Tweet me at @sathish_ganesh


Sunday, September 11, 2016

Comparably - Great Research tool launched

With $6.5 million in funding, Comparably (Santa Monica-based startup) have launched a 
new platform to give company leaders a market-wide idea about where compensation is going. Those in human resources can access Comparably’s full set of salary and equity data for free

It helps people to see how their salary is

1. When compared with others in the same city
2. Particular focus on comparing it by gender. 
3. In addition to gender and years of experience, the data based on region and company size will also be included. 

Comparably has company employee reviews feature. It has tens of thousands of anonymous ratings for hundreds of companies.

If you take a look at LinkedIn, you’ll see that 84% of people report the company having a positive work environment, the CEO of LinkedIn received an average score of 85 from 104 LinkedIn employees, 74% people reports they are paid fairly and 86% are satisfied with the benefits. 

You can also compare your organization with other organization benchmarks. 

The company directory page will lets you search for companies to rate / browse by most rated.

Comparably also launched a tech equity calculator to help employees to understand the current value of their stock grants.  This requires Role, job title, and how much your company has raised. All information are kept Anonymous. 

You could sign up with Facebook Social Login and also with an Email Address. Unfortunately, LinkedIn Social Login is not supported. Hit the link below to try it out.


Monday, August 22, 2016

Connectifier Social Link - Google Chrome Extension #Sourcingtool

Earlier, LinkedIn has announced that it has acquired Connectifier for an undisclosed amount. Recently, they have introduced a new tool, Connectifier Social Links - a Google Chrome extension which a free of cost. 

Using this tool, you can do cross referencing of a particular candidate profile across various Social Media Channels. This tool very well works with LinkedIn and Twitter.

Once you added this tool. you will be finding it in the on the top of your Chrome. When the Social links are found for the user, you will see a green indication or else it would be grey. 

You can find the candidate's Social link on the right bottom of your page. 

You can download the Connectifier Social Link here :

Information about Connectifier Social Links :

Version: 0.1.4
Updated: July 27, 2016
Size: 43.58KB
Language: English 

Happy Sourcing !!!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Hiretual - LinkedIn #Sourcingtool

Couple of days before, I had an opportunity to chat with NinhTran (Chief Marketing Officer) of Hiretual. He introduced me a brand new tool, Hiretual which would make your sourcing through LinkedIn much easier and comfortable.

It would help you to do all in One Click: 
  • Frame Boolean Search in one click.
  • Find the candidate’s insights (Expertise, Relevance, Compensation, Retention and Contract details) using Big data.
  • Improved search result in LinkedIn with target talent.   

Here you go :

1. Login Hiretual using your LinkedIn login

Hiretual Login Screen

2. Hiretual extension will be added in your Google Chrome tool bar. 

3. Now Click on the "Search bar" in LinkedIn to search for your candidates or else you can also do a smart search in Hiretual.  You will find the Hiretual tool on the right hand side of LinkedIn. (In smart search, you will find the list of predefined expertise) 

4. Now each expertise corresponds to a Boolean search string.

5. Once you click on View Result, the search result will be opened up in LinkedIn

6. Improved search results (mentioning experience in particular Skill) will now appear in your LinkedIn search results. 

7. Once you click the LinkedIn profile, on your right hand side you will notice the complete analysis of the candidate profile - Peer Ranking, Year of experience, Expertise of Skills, Compensation Range and Contact information. 

Happy Sourcing to all 


Sunday, March 27, 2016

Best Practices to be followed on #Twitter

Twitter comes with a steep learning curve. People come to Twitter to discover what’s happening in the world right now, to learn from the experts, to share information instantly, and connect with people and businesses around the globe. 

Some of us have been users of Twitter since they started. I’ve gathered few best practices you need to follow on Twitter. I hope you will enjoy reading it :)
Remember : The Most important thing about Twitter is being Social. It is NOT about Broadcasting or advertising. It's all about interacting and making relationship with each other. 
First you need to know Twitter Limits :

  • Follower Limit : 5000 plus upto 10% more than you follow 
  • Following (Daily) : 1000
  • Direct Messages : 1,000 messages sent per day upto 10,000 Character.
  • Tweets Per day : 2,400 per day. The daily update limit is further broken down into smaller limits for semi-hourly intervals. Retweets are counted as Tweets.
  • Changes to account email: Four per hour.

Listed below are some Twitter best Practice :

1. Say NO to Just a link with no text. No one is going to click on that : 

2. Participate in live Twitter chats that are relevant to your interest and you will find like-minded people to help expand your network. Check this link to find the twitter chat happening across the globe : http://tweetreports.com/twitter-chat-schedule/

3. Tweets with image links get 2x the engagement rate of those without : 

4. Don’t use too many hastags : 

Using more than two hashtags in a tweet will decrease your retweet rate. Tweets overloaded with hashtags look messy, are hard to read. Quite often tweets without hashtags perform better. When you use more than two hashtags, your engagement actually drops by an average of 17 percent.

5. Know your Twitter Analytics Dashboard :

Twitter rolled out analytics to all users in 2014. It help you to understand your retweet, impression rates. Visit often while logged in to your Twitter account. If you are noticing a pattern in the types of tweets that receive a lot of engagement, then post more of them. 
Click here for Analytics Dashboard : https://analytics.twitter.com

6. Follow 60-30-10 rule : Your tweet should have 

  • 60% retweets and pointers to promote items from other users / sites
  • 30% conversation and responses (use hastags wisely) 
  • 10% of the time you can promote yourself / your blogs 

7. Always use Twitter Lists :

Lists allow you to group users on Twitter. When you group together, it will be easier for you to listen to specific groups of information. Click here to create a Twitter List: https://support.twitter.com/articles/76460

8. Schedule your Tweet :

For better Twitter engagement, you can schedule your Tweet and it can also act as a huge time saver. These tools can be used at free of cost :

9. Don't send Auto DMs:

Never send automated DMs and it is considered as SPAM. Auto-messages aren't engaging and you aren't reaching out personally for relationship building. Twitter is all about relationship building. 

Here is how you can be awesome on Twitter 

I would happy to connect with you on Twitter : @sathish_ganesh

Thank you for Reading !! 


Saturday, February 20, 2016

Celebrating Recruiter's Today's 100th Blog Post

Hello Awesome people, 

Blogging is a strange experience. You get to share your thoughts and learning with the whole world. But, yet you never really know who is out there reading your posts and whether or not you are actually inspiring anyone.

I still remember, like it was yesterday, the day that I first started blogging. That day was October 30th, 2011. Just a quick note to let you know that the blog reached a milestone of 100 blog posts and of 66,000 views !!

Thank you so much for being a part of my blogging journey and once again, thank you for reading and sharing these posts and I love hearing from all of you. 

Your support is appreciated. Looking forward to the next 100.

Your Truly, 

Sathish Ganesh 

Friday, December 25, 2015

A new trend in Social Recruiting - Just Swipe

2015 is almost over and one trend in recruiting is certainly clear: your employer brand is crucial to talent acquisition success in the digital age. 

amazon hiring engineers on tinderIf you’re young and single, Tinder is one of the apps you likely use for a long term relationship. But that's not going to stop recruiters to look for candidates on the dating app.

In many ways, recruiting is a lot like dating. In the process of finding the perfect match, what works for one might work for the other. 

An estimated 50 million people use Tinder every day—with an average of 12 million matches per day. Click here to know more stats : 

Earlier this month, Amazon decided to try recruiting young top talent by approaching people via the Online dating app, Tinder.  They have asked them to swipe right for a chance to work on their cloud storage service Amazon Web Services with the headline, "WE ARE HIRING ENGINEERS!"

It shows that the employers are looking out for innovate ways to reach the potential employers (Passive job seekers). 

A recent news from Business Insider was, Ariella Young - startup founder (Mychefit, a platform that sends chefs to cook in your home) in London says she has been recruiting chefs over Tinder. She has managed to successfully hire two chefs.

Here's presenting you  three fresh Tinder-like apps 

Switch : 

Much like Tinder, Switch allows you to quickly and easily browse through job postings—swipe right to like, swipe left to pass. When a match occurs, the candidate can connect and chat instantly with the hiring manager.The Switch app is used by top companies like Accenture, eBay, and Walmart.

It has secured $2 million in seed round funding led by Rhodium and Metamorphic Ventures.

Switch includes an option to see relevant positions from other job sites, including all the major career sites like Monster, LinkedIn and Glassdoor.

For now the app is completely free for both candidates and internal corporate recruiters, though they will eventually roll out a tiered payment plan for employers.

Here is how it works :

Download Switch app here : Android Users

JobSnap :

JobSnap is a smartphone app marketed to young adults from 18 to 22 years old looking for an entry-level position in the restaurant, retail and hospitality industry. The app has a swipe model with a twist: Job candidates and employers upload 30-second videos to tell their story, which replace the usual photo and profile.

Download JobSnap app here : iPhone Users (As of now available for iPhone users) 

Jobr :

It helps job seekers locate jobs in their area that match their experience and interests. We would be able to connect with active or passive job seekers who would make a great fit for their organization. When recruiters swipe right, the candidate will receive a notification that a recruiter is interested in setting up an interview. 

The startup added $2 million in seed funding from a wide range of investors. To learn and to download Jobr, visit their website here.

Here is one interesting survey by Glassdoor on the state of mobile job search : 

Note : All the above mentioned apps, I'm yet to explore it. I've collected these details from various sources.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Send a personalised Linkedin invitation from your Android Phone

You know that if  you hit the standard ‘Connect’ button on your phone, a blank invite goes out to the person you so much want to connect with. You also know that the invite will be less well received as a result.

Recently, LinkedIn has updated it's app where you have an ability to personalize an invitation to connect and it has also an awesome User Interface.

How to send a personalize LinkedIn invite from your Android

1. Go the profile of the person you wish to invite.

2. Click on the 3 dot pattern at the top right of the profile screen and the below screen appears. 

3. Now you can send create and send personalize invite (Noe that it has a limit of 300 Character) 

Here is the link to upgrade your LinkedIn app (Android User)

Additional Information on LinkedIn app Update :

Happy Networking !!