Thursday, December 20, 2012

9 NEW — New Leadership Principles

Direct Debates : Facilitate open and honest discussions. Place reality on the table and actively  work through it. Get candid advice, absorb it, and then act on it. Don’t be  malicious or spiteful. Be spirited and constructively critical to get the best  information and counsel possible

Mindful Listening : Zip it and tune in fully to really understand what customers, team members, and  partners are saying about your products and offerings. Listen with your ears, eyes,  and open mind. Give your complete attention to successes and suggestions.

Team Flexibility : Set clear goals and then organize around them. Bring people together based on their strengths to enhance the opportunity for mission success.

100% Real Action : Make decisions. Get in the middle of the action, when necessary, to challenge, nudge, celebrate, and spur on teams and initiatives. Don’t give ceremonial lip service. Engage in real conversations and genuine acts.

Accountably Free: Give people the freedom to innovate, create, and make things happen, aligned with the defined strategy, goals, objectives, and values. Hold all accountable to do the right things. Don’t do wishy-washy accountability. Make it real and measurable. 

Valuably Fail : Think and do creatively. Acknowledge risk is part of the formula. When failure happens, shift to learning. Get better from the experiences and hard work.

Relentless Learning : Spend time exploring, reading, and attending workshops, classes and conferences. Enable minds to expand and eyes to open to how all can be better and do better. Talk with others – team members and mentors – and gain their perspectives, insights, and knowledge

Soul Full : Lead from your gut and soul. Have values and live them through your choices and actions. Tap your inner spirit to show strength of character in all that you do. Be a real, soulful person.

Crux : Be in the middle of it, not directing, not dictating, and not doing it all. Create leverage points. Catapult initiatives ahead and build people up in what they do and how they do it. Bring people, actions, values, direction, and results all together to advance!