Sunday, October 30, 2011

10 Tips for a Recruitment

Work Hard - like all jobs worth doing; it's worth doing well. And like all good professions it looks easier than it is. Hard work is a basic requirement and the starting point for all successful recruiters

Recognize that you're in Sales - OK you're not pushing mobile phones or house insurance but you are selling your services to clients, job opportunities to candidates and candidates to clients. So embrace the sales process and get good at it

Embrace social media - a quick google search on "social recruitment" will show you the direction of travel a lot of recruiters are moving in and offer loads of advice. Remember social media is a tool like any other, is not end in itself and can be a distraction. So use it little and often and as part of strategy that encompasses more "traditional" business development and sourcing routes

Listen to clients - if you get given sales training you'll learn all about the importance of listening in the sales process (2 ears, 1 mouth, sell but don't tell, feel-felt-found etc) . But just as important is listening to learn about the sector you're operating in.

Be Specialized - The way to charge better and higher fees is to be specialist. Clients will pay for expertise; whether it's within a specific sector, discipline or location.

Be an honest broker - Clients and candidates will respect you, use you more often and recommend you if they think that you have their best interests at heart and not just your monthly bonus. Don't be afraid to walk away from a project or advise against an appointment if you think it's built on sand. You'll earn respect and in the long run be better off.

Find your own style - Learn the basics from the company you join, stick to the rules and processes but find some space to develop a personality. You'll enjoy your job more if you find ways to wrap yourself around the core of the job and be a "human" to your clients and candidates

Don't ignore the candidates - Today's market is more "Client-Led" than ever before; i.e. they are in the driving seat as jobs are few and candidates many. But candidates give you leads, recommendations, become clients and are as equally important to your success and reputation as a recruiter.

Courtesy - You'll be surprised how far politeness and doing the right thing will get you. Reply to emails, return calls, do what you say you're going to do when you agreed to do it by, say thank you. Easy points for you

Embrace being a recruiter - You're not a "match maker" or a "talent spotter". You're a recruiter. Be loud and proud about what you do. Too often people in the industry try to jazz their titles up or mislead you into thinking they are something more than a recruiter. Don't be fooled and don't be embarrassed about calling yourself a "recruiter" (and a damn fine one at that)