Sunday, December 20, 2015

Send a personalised Linkedin invitation from your Android Phone

You know that if  you hit the standard ‘Connect’ button on your phone, a blank invite goes out to the person you so much want to connect with. You also know that the invite will be less well received as a result.

Recently, LinkedIn has updated it's app where you have an ability to personalize an invitation to connect and it has also an awesome User Interface.

How to send a personalize LinkedIn invite from your Android

1. Go the profile of the person you wish to invite.

2. Click on the 3 dot pattern at the top right of the profile screen and the below screen appears. 

3. Now you can send create and send personalize invite (Noe that it has a limit of 300 Character) 

Here is the link to upgrade your LinkedIn app (Android User)

Additional Information on LinkedIn app Update :

Happy Networking !!