Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Increase your Networking Contacts

Search and Stay in Touch with your Pipeline

A good sourcer of a company promoting diverse talent is always filling their pipeline with great candidates. Not to sound like “Master of the Obvious” but reactionary sourcing can be a mess! Make sure to always stay in touch with your best candidates and ask for referrals. ASK, ASK, ASK! Start a robust referral program and see the candidates pour in.
Job Advertising and Job Posting
If you advertise your positions, cast a W-I-D-E net! Make your postings as diverse as you desire your candidates to be. There are several places wherein you can place ads.

Network With Organizations That Target Diverse Membership

What color, age, and/or gender is your network? Who knows you? It is imperative that you are out and active in all types of groups. Check out professional organizations focused on minorities as well and be active! Get to know the people around you. But always stay active. Too many people go once or twice and expect magic to happen. It is all about relationships. Your relationships are the foundation of networking. Network often, get involved and build relationships.

Use Targeted Searches

Using, the group names from the research you have done on organizations, search “LinkedIn Groups.” You. Of course plug in the information that is relevant to you.