Friday, November 16, 2012

Common body language mistakes made by job seekers at interviews and how to correct them

Some nonverbal ticks and how to correct them, finding balance is the key:

Eye Contact-
Eye contact is a double edged sword, too much will make you come off as aggressive and too little will make u seem disinterested. The trick is to maintain it in key moments of the interaction and look away when the situation is not so tense. If u leave the interview and you do not know the color of the interviewers eyes, then you have not maintained enough eye contact. Remember to look away at times as well.
Eye Rolling -
Eye rolling is never a good idea, people often toll their eyes when they disagree with someone or feel that the other person has said something dumb, the problem is they never know that they are doing it. It is important to have control over what your doing at all times.
Posture -
During an interview, you need to sit up straight – not so straight that your stiff like a surfboard – by doing this you appear interested in the conversation you are having with the person. Slouching gives the exact opposite impression.
Hand Shakes -
A hand shake can give the employer a good or bad impression just like eye contact, a firm grip can give the impression of confidence but you don't want to break bones either.
You may not do it on purpose, but tapping your feet or fingers can give the impression that you are restless and have something better to do.
Some easy ways to practice your body language are by videotaping yourself, this shows all your ticks and often what us see might embarrass you. Working with a friend is also a good way to realize your mistakes, a friend can always remind you when you are doing something wrong. Remember body language is a tell tale sign of what is under the surface.
Do you find any other ticks worth sharing? Please post them in the comment section below.