Monday, September 21, 2015

LeadiQ Lead Capture (Chrome Extenstion)

Earlier, Sourecon  conducted an event for Sourcers at Dallas, TX and the sourcing tool master - Dean Da Costa presented this tool to capture the sourcing leads.

LeadiQ Lead Capture helps you to 

1. Capture leads from social profiles like LinkedIn and Build prospect lists with one click
2. Find and verify email addresses
3. Get complete rich profile of people for every contact you captured
4. Review their company details such as company size and funding.
5. Sync to Salesforce CRM or save to Google Sheet

You can install the LeadiQ Lead Capture (Chrome Extension) from here -

Your LeadiQ icon will be placed at the top of your Chrome. 

Lets say, I'm running a search for "Social Media Manager" at New York.

Once you click on the extension, all your leads will placed inside the LeadiQ box (automatically) 

Then you need to click "Capture Profile" which is located at the top of the "LeadiQ Lead tool box" and "Open IQ Sheet" 

Once you click on the "Open IQ Sheet" all your leads will be captured in the Google Sheet.

You can reach LeadiQ folks through Twitter 

Happy Sourcing !!!