Saturday, September 27, 2014

Use LIPPL to see Full Names on LinkedIn for Free

If you’re one of the recruiters or sourcers who use Basic LinkedIn account to tap the great talents, then there will be a challenge of finding the candidates who are in the 3rd degree connection. Use Lippl to unlock the Full Names in LinkedIn

Lippl is a free tool (Chrome Extenstion) that would allows you to view the public profiles  in the 3rd degree connection. You can get LIPPL here

Once you have installed Lippl , the extension would appear in the left hand side.

Once you open the Lippl tool Side bar (You can also use Alt+S shortcut), you would find "SEARCH" button. Hit "SEARCH" button and a new window (or) a new tab opens up

Now Click on the link to view the Full Names. Lippl works with any account, basic or premium.

You may reach Lippl team via Twitter  

Happy Sourcing !!!