Sunday, June 12, 2016

Hiretual - LinkedIn #Sourcingtool

Couple of days before, I had an opportunity to chat with NinhTran (Chief Marketing Officer) of Hiretual. He introduced me a brand new tool, Hiretual which would make your sourcing through LinkedIn much easier and comfortable.

It would help you to do all in One Click: 
  • Frame Boolean Search in one click.
  • Find the candidate’s insights (Expertise, Relevance, Compensation, Retention and Contract details) using Big data.
  • Improved search result in LinkedIn with target talent.   

Here you go :

1. Login Hiretual using your LinkedIn login

Hiretual Login Screen

2. Hiretual extension will be added in your Google Chrome tool bar. 

3. Now Click on the "Search bar" in LinkedIn to search for your candidates or else you can also do a smart search in Hiretual.  You will find the Hiretual tool on the right hand side of LinkedIn. (In smart search, you will find the list of predefined expertise) 

4. Now each expertise corresponds to a Boolean search string.

5. Once you click on View Result, the search result will be opened up in LinkedIn

6. Improved search results (mentioning experience in particular Skill) will now appear in your LinkedIn search results. 

7. Once you click the LinkedIn profile, on your right hand side you will notice the complete analysis of the candidate profile - Peer Ranking, Year of experience, Expertise of Skills, Compensation Range and Contact information. 

Happy Sourcing to all