Monday, July 2, 2018

Sketchnotes: What Makes a Manager Great

Recently, Google wanted to know what makes a Manager Great. It conducted a study. Here are behaviors of its best managers.

Good coach.
Employees need and appreciate a manager who takes time to coach and challenge them, and not just when they're behind.

Empowers team and does not micromanage.
Micromanaging is common mistake managers make without even realizing it, one that discourages and frustrates employees.

Creates an inclusive team environment, showing concern for success and well-being.
It's not enough just to have a diverse team. Good leaders and managers strive to create an inclusive environment every day.

Productive and results-oriented.
Employees don't want to work for a lazy boss. They'd rather be part of a team that's productive and successful, and that's hard to do if the leader doesn't set the tone.

Good communicator--listens and shares information.
Communicating effectively is one of the basics of being a good manager (or a good employee for that matter). But it's also important to remember that great managers prioritize listening.

Supports career development and discusses performance.
managers should help their team develop skills and advance their careers, but also be clear about expectations and give honest feedback about performance

Clear vision/strategy for the team.
A clear and shared vision helps members of your team to work well together.

Key technical skills to help advise the team.
All hope isn't lost if you find yourself managing people who know more than you.


Whether you're at a large corporation, an early-stage startup, or a nonprofit, managing your team and leading it to success can depend at least in part on how well you can work with other teams.

Strong decision maker.
While it's important for a manager to listen and share information, employees also appreciate one who can make strong decisions.

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