Friday, July 27, 2012

5 ways to be professional at work

The working efficiency is important for better productivity,better working environment,and to be professional at work.

Before aprossing the points, there are questions to ask :
1-Do you have toured the area in which you exercise your work ?
2-Does your professional relationship with your boss and coworkers are favorable?
3-Do you chose the job that really suits you?

Discover some ways to raise the choice of direction for the rest of your career and be professional at work.
However, professionalism refers to some common qualities, including:

I-Make it even more than the minimum required.
Work more on yourself than on your job (no matter the job)
II-Diversify your contacts :
1-Hang out with people from different departments .
2-Hang out with people of different ages .
3-Avoid assimilation, gain experience and forge taste.
III-No breaks at regular intervals!
Forget the regular breaks, because after a while it becomes a bad habit.
IV-Control your image :
At work as elsewhere, the image that returns is very important.
V-Do not compare your work to other’s.
Employers often behave unprofessionally at work without even noticing it.
Under certain circumstances this can have consequences.
For example, it is great to be friendly with your boss, joking around the office.