Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Writing a Compelling Linkedin InMail

InMails are expensive but quite useful.  If you take your time to devise  compelling text for your inmail, you will reap the benefits.  While each person won't be a slam dunk for the position at hand, you will have impressed them with your style enough to rise above the recruiter fray.  

1. The Subject:
It should clearly convey the reason for the message.  It should be catchy but not salesy.  It should be complimentary without being flowery.  It should be memorable.  And you should play to your audience.

2. The Opening Line
I always start off with
Hi Candidate:
Impressive Background!

3. The Grabber- Make it Exclusive"I'm reaching out to a few choice profiles before I launch a full search..."

4. The content
A few lines about the company and role:  Not too much, you want to explain it yourself so leave some mystery.   Make sure to play to your audience still and talk about "what's in it for them"
(I don't really think it's necessary to pitch your company as your profile and company page is usually available at a click. )

5. The Close
Be bold!  One line I use is "Keeping in mind that most successful people find opportunity not when they're looking but when it knocks,  how's my timing?