Monday, October 22, 2012

The similarities of recruiting and hunting

Here are 10 analogies that you can directly relate hunting to recruiting:

1)   Recruiters ARE hunters.  They are always looking for the best way to find the talent. They look for the best place to find individuals that the hunted wouldn’t think they would be found.
2)   There is not one correct way to hunt. When hunting game, some people use bows, others use guns.  There is no right or wrong.  At the end of the day, whoever comes home with the game has been successful. As a true Texan would say, “There is more than one way to skin a buck”. Recruiters must find the best avenue that works for them while still utilizing multiple approaches.  Linkedin recruiter works for some, others just pick up the phone.
3)   Hunters often take the long -range shot to bring in the big game. Recruiters have to take risks and not be afraid of rejection if they want the candidate whom everyone desires. These candidates are long shots, but worth the time to pursue.
4)   Hunters miss their targets sometimes, but get the next target that comes along. Recruiters can’t win every time, but the resilience is what separates them from the pack.
5)   Hunters are patient. It may take years to get the buck you have been looking to find.  Recruiters must be patient also. They must maintain relationships and the big hire they are looking for will come in time.
6)   Hunters are more successful when a plan is in place. They are unsuccessful when they shoot their gun in the air aimlessly. The shotgun effect for recruiters never works. Make sure you know what target you are trying to hit and an idea of how you can hit it.
7)   Team hunting usually works very well. When hunting dove or pheasants, placement of the other hunters is essential to the success of the hunt.  Recruiters who work in teams, such as a sourcing team and Talent Acquisition team, usually yield better results than a one-man show.
8)   Hunters hunt early and late in the day. In recruitment this is very true also.  The best time to reach a candidate is before or after work.
9)   Hunters are always looking for the best way to catch their game. Good hunters usually have the latest and greatest binoculars, gun, and camouflage.  Recruiters are always staying on top of the latest recruiting trends and continually trying to learn so they can find the right talent.
10)  Hunters hunt because they love to hunt. Recruiters who are successful love what they do