Tuesday, November 13, 2012

6 Ways to Earn Utmost Respect at your Workplace

People like to listen and follow leaders, they are inspired by. A recent example is Steve Jobs, who not only inspired his employees better but also customers to buy products. There are six, and only six, ways to earn respect.” And here they are:                                                                                  
    1. Be Authentic
    Whether it be an authentic idea or an authentic perspective on a matter, It deserves to respected for the original and independent authority it represents. People will respect you when you are take a genuine interest in a matter and investigate it to gain an insight or to create a unique and original point of view for the greater good. Human beings have a natural instinct to detect fakery and it causes distrust and natural distaste for a person who is involved in such an act.
    2. Be Curious
    Curiousity is the engine for innovation. Curiousity about people, their dreams, their fears and the values they hold important, makes us understand the depth and horizon of our own dreams. It is also a key to healthy and happy living. Image Courtesy: Intuit Inc
    3. Be Discreet                                                      
    Workplaces are, adult playgrounds when, the gossip games become extremely popular! It is easy to help pass what seems to be a small rumour or entertain yourself with a little sidenote from a very popular conversation but it is utmost disrespectful and very hurtful to breach somebody's confidence. If you are able to hold secrets and understand the depth they come with, people will trust you when they really need help and perspective.
    4. Be Unique
    Expertise is essential to the growth of every organisation. Pick a segment of your business or industry that is relevant, put in the hard work and patience required to learn knowledge about the subject. Make learning an everyday habit. When you become the resident expert, everyone will depend upon for your key insight and guidance.
    5. Be Helpful
    Be helpful. Not only it serves a purpose bigger than our own but also helps us see the lighter side of our own life. As we put things in basket of different material values, the meaning and internal values take a backseat. To experience the complete side of ourselves and see a fulfilling and meaningful life, one must be helpful to everyone around him. Also, the degree to which you can help others is always the degree to which you’re valued and respected.
    6. Set Boundaries
    It is important to understand the boundaries and limitation that you have. It is a different thing to extend them for a future goal but one must acnowledge the ones he or she has in the present. Organisations are becoming increasingly complex and require a high degree of cooperation. To achieve your goals effectively and to deliver the ultimate product, one must have and be able to set realistic expectation. Being independent and goal oriented helps you become realistic.