Thursday, November 15, 2012

Six Tip your resume need refreshing

Is your Resume really doing you justice? Here are my top 6 hints to let you know it’s time for a Resume makeover:

1. The title is Resume
Employers review hundreds of Resumes a day and a title with Resume doesn’t tell the employer anything about you. Tell your employer your speciality or tertiary status such as Undergraduate, Graduate or Customer Service Representative etc.

2. You have included age, height, weight, and relationship status 
Unless specified in the application process, do not include personal details as they may be used in a discriminatory fashion.

3. You start with your career objective 
It is pretty obvious you are seeking more knowledge and experience. That’s why you’re applying for the job. Lead with the key skills you have to benefit the company. 

4. You have included all your jobs 
As you gain more and more work experience, including a list of all your jobs in your Resume could knock you out of the employer’s consideration set. The employer wants to see your most relevant skills so they can determine you have the skills they need to do the job. So make sure you tailor your Resume according to the skill and academic criteria the employer is asking for.

5. Your Resume is more than 3 pages
The purpose of your Resume is to gain an interview. So it’s important to sell your potential to the employer fast. Keep your Resume between 1-3 pages and use bullet points and sub-headings (Qualifications, Work Summary, Work Experience, Memberships etc.) to guide the employer through your relevant experience. 

6. You use the same Resume for every job application
Your Resume is a living document and needs to be updated and tweaked for every job application. Get into the habit of reviewing your Resume on a regular basis to keep it up to date.
Source: Kerri Peterson - Director | My Resume Builder