Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Small Changes that will make a Big Difference on Resume

Writing a resume is usually something that makes job seekers cringe. It isn’t exactly on everyone’s list of favorite past times. However, a good resume is a must as you begin the job hunt. With the many tools and resume builders available, writing a resume is no longer such a stressful task. 
In fact, there are some very small changes you can make to your resume to make it look more impressive and professional. Using a resume builder, small adjustments can really go a long way as you prepare your resume.
Adjust the Layout
It is fairly common knowledge that a resume should be one page long. Often people try to cram in extra information that cause the resume to surpasses the one page limit. So, what do they do? They adjust the margins to be almost non-existent. This is not a good idea. Miniature margins create a very unprofessional resume layout. You want the layout to look professional. Review your resume and delete any information that is repetitive or not pertinent to the job you are seeking.
Spell Check
Word processors have made checking for spelling errors insanely simple. Do not forget to use spell check. A resume is your first impression. Spelling or grammatical errors make you look sloppy and, perhaps, unintelligent.
Use Key Words
As you read through a job description, pick out key words used to describe what the employer is looking for. What skills do they want applicants to have? What type of experience are the looking for? Use these key words in your resume to describe your skills and experience. Adjust your wording to match the needs of the employer.
Power Words
The way you use verbs to describe previous job experience can create a vivid image for the employer. If you are using weak words that offer little detail, the experience looks weak. Read through your descriptions of experience and change verbs to be more powerful. If you are looking for a job in management, use management oriented words in your resume.
No Pronouns
There should be no pronouns on your resume. The employer already knows the resume is about you. Pronouns: I organized events, and I handled all client relations. Correct Version: Organized events and client relations.
Use Numbers
Instead of listing your responsibilities from previous work experience, list your achievements. Did you increase sales by 75? Then, list it on your resume. Exact quantities can be impressive to an employer.
While this seems like common sense, not everyone does it. As soon as you finish writing your resume you may be tempted to hit ‘print’. Don’t. Read through it. Then, read through it again. You don’t want to send out a resume full of errors.

Author Bio: Linda Hildebrant is the Associate Director of Internet Marketing for Resume, an online resume builder. She has several years of experience as a resume coach. When she is not writing about resume tips, she likes to shop and travel the world.