Thursday, November 15, 2012

Some Of the Most Bizarre Interview Questions

1.Why manholes are round ? : Yes, it was asked at a recent Google interview.

2.“If you were shrunk to the size of a pencil and put in a blender, how would you get out?” : This was asked in the interview of Analyst position at Goldman Sach.

3.“What is the philosophy of Martial Arts?” : Asked in the interview of Aflac's Sales Associate position.

4. With a flag of U.S.A on the background the question was “Explain, what has happened in this country during the last 10 years.” This was asked in BCG analyst position interview. 

5. “Rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 how weird you are.” : With a back ground picture of “Lady Gaga” This question was asked in the interview of operations analyst's position at Capital one

6. What do you think the person who likes you the least would describe you: Though not very uncommon yet to answer this question needs absolute integrity. Just one slip of tongue , you must walk out of the Door.

7. With a back ground picture of a polo match the question was framed like “ “Out of 25 horses, pick the fastest 3 horses. In each race, only 5 horses can run at the same time. What is the minimum number of races required?” . It was asked in the interview of Bloomberg LP Financial's Software Developer position.

8. “Given the numbers 1 to 1000, what is the minimum numbers guesses needed to find a specific number if you are given the hint "higher" or "lower" for each guess you make.”This was asked in the interview of software developer at Facebook.

9. “An apple costs 20 cents, an orange costs 40 cents, and a grapefruit costs 60 cents, how much is a pear?” This was asked by Epic Systems for their project manager's position

10.“There are three boxes, one contains only apples, one contains only oranges, and one contains both apples and oranges. The boxes have been incorrectly labeled such that no label identifies the actual contents of the box it labels. Opening just one box, and without looking in the box, you take out one piece of fruit. By looking at the fruit, how can you immediately label all of the boxes correctly?” Unsurprisingly it was asked by Apple for their software QA Engineer position.

11. “What do wood and alcohol have in common?” : Asked by Guardsmark for their Staff Writer position .

12.“Why do you think only a small percentage of the population makes over $150K?” :This isn't that bizarre but you need to think thoroughly to give the best possible answer. This was asked by New York Life's Sales agent position. 

13. “What would you do if you just inherited a pizzeria from your uncle?" : Asked by Volkswagen

14.”How do you measure 4 gallons of water using only a 3 and 5 gallon jug?” : By Google for the post of analyst

15. “How do you sell a refrigerator to an Eskimo Guy?” : Frequently asked by companies for the post of sales executive.

16. “What's the height of the Empire State Building as measured by a stack of quarters? Now, what is the dollar value of those quarters?” : Asked by Texas Instruments

17. “If you are on a boat and you throw your suitcase overboard, will the water level rise or fall?”: Asked by Deloitte for the post of analyst.

18. How many piano tuners are there in the world? : Asked by Yahoo for the post of software developer

19. Why are beer cans tapered at the top and bottom? Asked by AT&T.

20. If you could be the no 1 employee but have all your coworkers dislike you or you could be #15 employee and have all your coworkers like you, which would you choose.Asked by ADP.