Wednesday, December 12, 2012

LinkedIn lists most damaging words to avoid on Resume

Several job hunting techniques are retiring with the advent of online professional networking sites like linkedin. Being “creative and dynamic” with resumes in the old fashioned manner is turning employers off completely.
After research into the 187 million applicant members, Linkedin has revealed a new list of overused, useless words that are detrimental to your career. Linkedin reveals such list every year since 2011.
Linkedin's Nicole Williams, explains a common misplaced principle with resumes ,“ You wouldn’t mention how disorganized or irresponsible you are, and their antonyms (organized, trustworthy, etc) are wasted words too”
Here is the List for 2012.             
  • Creative
  • Organizational
  • Effective
  • Motivated                            
  • Extensive Experience
  • Track Record
  • Innovative
  • Responsible
  • Analytical
  • Problem Solving
A few other buzzwords made the list for countries outside the United States. No matter where you live, consider ditching these from your profile, too.
Experimental (a buzzword in Brazil)
Multinational (a buzzword in Egypt and Indonesia)
Specialized (a buzzword in Spain)
Some words that were part of 2011 List and you should be careful with are: Communication skills and Dynamic.
         "Exceptional Communicator"
It might come as a surprise to you that candidates often misspell this phrase but before all of us check our resumes, one needs to ponder the worth of these simple words. The trouble with this phrase is, communication quality can be easily demonstrated by attaching writing samples and hence the phrase is a waste of your valuable efforts.
There are several phrases which commit the same error. Some of them are, Accomplished professional, Proven Success, experienced.
Resume writing requires utmost honesty, as the objective to achieve is to see yourself objectively.