Saturday, May 10, 2014

"What I Learned from @BillGates" on a Talent Acquisition perspective !!!

Recently, there was a great article in LinkedIn by Jim Kim "What I Learned from Bill Gates". Bill Gates made three key points and these key points can also be implement in our Talent Acquisition industry. The Full transcript can be read here : Click here 

1. Innovation comes from collaboration

Great ideas, he said, don’t appear in isolation. Recent research suggests that creativity is less an attribute of individuals than an emergent property that bubbles up within communities of people solving problems together. So the challenge for an organization is building a culture that encourages new ideas while providing a platform to reinforce collaboration.

Innovation on how to source candidates, implement new sourcing strategies, job posting,  communicate with the candidates (email and telephonic) and presenting them to our hiring manager/customers/clients. I feel collaboration is the key. Collaboration with key stakeholders - candidates, customers/client, hiring manager will make the difference and unless firms show this differentiation they are bound to die. 

2. The importance of grit

Bill is nothing if not dogged. He exudes grit and is convinced that determination, discipline and persistence are the most important determinants of the most successful people he has known. Steven Johnson made this same point, citing Charles Darwin’s years of meticulously gathering data that led to his insights on evolution in 1838.

As recruiters, one should posses strong determination and persistence in fulling the hiring needs for our organization and as mentioned above, we need find innovative ways in hiring and to get success

3. Bringing innovations to scale

As Bill has demonstrated in both his business and his philanthropy, generating great ideas is only the first step. Putting great ideas into action and delivering consistent results is both more important and more difficult. For example, translating ideas for improving global health into improved outcomes requires rigorous measurement, adaptation to local contexts, and especially a plan for reaching scale. 

Note : The points highlighted in red are interpretation of my views. 

Photo: World Bank / LinkedIn

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