Wednesday, April 29, 2015

My Learning from #ERE15 Conference

This week ERE have organized a recruiting conference. I had a great virtual learning by following them through the hashtag #ERE15. Here are some of thoughts & Quotes from the speakers. Thanks to all HR folks who are making a live Tweet from the event. 

Bottom line: Work matters. People matter. Recruiting is a noble profession...when done correctly. Be better. ‪#‎FindBetter‬ ‪#‎ERE15‬

Recruiting is the easiest job in the world...until people get involved."   

Formula Bar by  : Facts = Data. Data = Credibility. Credibility = Trust. Trust = Partnership.
"The issues are either people, process or technology...most are people related" -
Average individual recruiter is filling 100 roles a year  - Kathryn Callow 

Average cost per hire to fill a job is $4,200  - 

28% of recruiting leaders don't know what the cost-per-hire - " 

- What is keeping TA up at night? Interesting gaps between recruiters and leaders via

- Everyone agrees it's important, but 46% of orgs don't measure quality of hire. The first step is define "quality" for your org  - 

Analytics that are not being tracked. Quality is so important but nearly half don't measure it  via 

81% of time, ATS rejects candidates from companies 

The biggest takeaway from ? The importance of mobile-optimization!

52% of TA leaders use data analytics, 48% have moved beyond basic data, 42% have formal dashboard, 39% benchark KPIs     

Only 20% of recruiting leaders have a dedicated resource for data analytics.  - 

Talent Acquisition leaders need to be prepared for a business operational crisis.

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