Sunday, September 11, 2016

Comparably - Great Research tool launched

With $6.5 million in funding, Comparably (Santa Monica-based startup) have launched a 
new platform to give company leaders a market-wide idea about where compensation is going. Those in human resources can access Comparably’s full set of salary and equity data for free

It helps people to see how their salary is

1. When compared with others in the same city
2. Particular focus on comparing it by gender. 
3. In addition to gender and years of experience, the data based on region and company size will also be included. 

Comparably has company employee reviews feature. It has tens of thousands of anonymous ratings for hundreds of companies.

If you take a look at LinkedIn, you’ll see that 84% of people report the company having a positive work environment, the CEO of LinkedIn received an average score of 85 from 104 LinkedIn employees, 74% people reports they are paid fairly and 86% are satisfied with the benefits. 

You can also compare your organization with other organization benchmarks. 

The company directory page will lets you search for companies to rate / browse by most rated.

Comparably also launched a tech equity calculator to help employees to understand the current value of their stock grants.  This requires Role, job title, and how much your company has raised. All information are kept Anonymous. 

You could sign up with Facebook Social Login and also with an Email Address. Unfortunately, LinkedIn Social Login is not supported. Hit the link below to try it out.