Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Sketchnotes: HR Predictions in 2018

Last December, wrote a column LinkedIn about the HR in 2018 (Predictions). 

2018 will bring a fresh set of trends that will significantly impact the way HR operate and perform daily tasks. Below are the HR trends that experts are expecting to see in 2018:

Remote Workforce: When applying for a role in today’s market, many companies are offering remote working as one of their perks. With wifi connections improving, many employees are given work from home. Technology has made location less important and tools like GoToMeeting, Slack, Trello, Yammer, WebEx are of significant help.

Focus on productivity: When there is more focus on productivity, the benefits for the organization and the employees can be big. There is a need in hiring fewer people and the potential of the employees is better used. Analytics can be used to determine the characteristics of the best-performing people and the teams.

Blockchain: In HR and People teams, potential uses of blockchain are in the areas of recruitment, payroll, certification, digital process management, workplace performance that they can access anywhere, anytime.

Machine Learning: In the world of HR, machine learning is starting to be used for applications that can predict employee Attrition Detection, Attracting Talent (Hiring), Performance Development, Internal Management. 

Hiring Passive Candidates: Headhunting of passive candidates has always been part of the recruitment process. But social-media will continue to shape the building of these relationships.

Automation: Always data is key in the talent game. Implementing an automated HR system can give you instant access to data regarding your recruitment processes and the success rate. Let's imagine, answering every employee question about vacation days or health insurance can be a productivity drain. It would be nice if a chatbot is loaded with knowledge of every HR facet of your organization and answer all of these questions. Having said these, Human touch is always needed. 

Artificial Intelligence: According to a recent survey by PWC, 72% of executives believe that AI will offer sizeable business advantages in the near future. There are AI-based chat systems that can communicate with candidates and quickly screen people. Belong, an Indian recruitment startup is using artificial intelligence in creating Google for people

Gamification: HR and gaming have started working together for some time now, with the purpose of making the dull processes more interesting and increase engagement levels. According to SHRM, there are two types of Gamification - Structural gamification and Serious Games. 

I'd love to hear what you agree — and disagree — with! Please share your reactions in comments.